What Academics are offered by the School?

    All students are tested on a yearly basis to check their academic achievement. We also provide our students with college admissions testing and guidance. Lighthouse also provides connections with Berks Career and Technology Center, for students that are interested in a vocational program.

LCA provides three diplomas:

1. General

2. Vocational

3. College Prep

    Graduation requirements are printed in the LCA handbook. All information concerning the operation and guidelines of the school are listed in the school handbook (located here on the website). This is discussed and reviewed at the parent orientation.

Home School Program

LCA provides administrative support and evaluation services for home school students. Parents can also purchase the Accelerated Christian Education Curriculum from LCA. Home schoolers are enrolled as an extension of LCA and are allowed to take their achievement tests when offered by the school. Children that complete all of their high school studies and are evaluated by the principal of LCA.  LCA maintains academic records of each student which are transferable to employers.  SAT or ACT college entrance exams are available to home schooled students by registering on line at www.collegeboard.com. Tutorial services are also available to home scholars.

Lighthouse Bible Institute

LBI offers a continuing education college level program for Christians who are interested in furthering their education. Up to 60 credits are available and can be taken by correspondence.  We also work in conjunction with other Christian Colleges and help students to make up courses over the summer in order to graduate. These courses must be approved by the college registrar. High school students can also take college courses in their junior and senior years.

Adult & Continuing Education

LCA has the perfect program for adults that would like to take Bible courses to teach Sunday School, Bible studies, or to get involved in an active ministry in your church. We offer courses in Christian Counseling, Lay Ministry and Christian Education. Feel free to call 610-682-2109,
or 1-888-202-4409 for more information, or e-mail us at zentneral@yahoo.com.