Lighthouse Christian Academy


     Established in 1983, LCA provides a Christian Education for grades K-12. The academy uses the Accelerated Christian Education curriculum with additional added subjects and texts. Our program is also directed at students with an interest in music and the arts. Students are encouraged to develop a Christ like attitude and to discover the wisdom of the Bible as a guide for daily living.

    Special events during the school year include a science fair, geography fair, field trips and the opportunity to participate in the Mid-Atlantic Student Convention, where they compete in academics, sports and the arts.

LCA is equipped with a science lab, computer lab, and uses the rents a Gymnasium for PE. Every student is involved in a reading and comprehension program, club activities (archery, etc.), special activity days, morning devotions, a weekly chapel and students are allowed to attend the Berks Career & Technology Center. The selection of courses depends on the diploma the student is working toward. Each student designs an individual curriculum that will provide for either a continuing education program, the military, college, or a future job.

    The students and staff at LCA are trained in using manners and self discipline. The school has a dress code, but does not wear formal uniforms. Students can also remain in school after graduation in our Volunteer Services program. Volunteer Services is a type of missions program where the students are allowed to monitor and be a teachers assistant along with taking college courses. This is designed to give our children an extra year to mature before going off to college or the work place.

LCA is a member of:

  • The Mid Atlantic Christian School Association
  • The American College Testing Institute
  • Christian Law Association
  • Orton Dyslexia Foundation
  • The Association of Christian Schools International

To register for the SAT and ACT tests, our school code is 391-389. Registration for the SAT tests can be completed at and the registration for the ACT can be completed at