Pastor & Mrs. Alton Zentner

Lighthouse was founded by Pastor Alton R. Zentner in 1982.  Along with his wife, Debbie, LCC & LCA have grown over the years with a purpose to meet the needs of the community with Christian education.  He received the call to start a Christian School in 1978.  This was Gateway Christian School, which was the first non-public, church sponsored school in the State of Pennsylvania.  Prior to this, he had a private business, serving the community in the music industry.  Pastor Zentner currently serves as Pastor, as well as Principal at Lighthouse. Mrs. Zentner serves as the supervisor of the Learning to read center of the academy. She also is the Sunday School Superintendent of the church. 

Pastor Jacob Masemore

Jacob was ordained in October 2013 as Assistant Pastor at Lighthouse. He graduated from Lighthouse Christian Academy in 2006. Jacob works both in the church and in the Academy administrating and tutoring students. He runs all the audio/visual equipment and the computer lab.

Mrs. Amber Rothenberger

Mrs. Rothanberger joined us in 2020 to be part of our Upper Learning Center staff!

Miss Marita Weaver

Miss Weaver came on board as staff in 2019, teaching in the kindergarten class. She is also a graduate of Lighthouse, and we are thrilled to have her back!

Mrs. Cheree Rothenberger

We are grateful to have Cheree as part of our team as the learning to read teacher. After homeschooling through our academy for years, we are blessed to have her on board as staff!

Mrs. Nancy Litka

Mrs. Litka has been faithfully teaching spanish in our academy for many years!